Creating a Simple Dashboard

This guide covers creating a simple dashboard with Terrene

This guide assumes you have already completed Creating a Simple Model guide and are familiar with creating a reducer and loading your data into a TFrame.

Step 1: Create a Widget

To start, we are going to create a widget. To do so, please navigate to the TFrame you are trying to visualize then click on the Explore Data tab.

Select the independent and dependent variables for your chart as well as the plot type, then click on Save.

Step 2: Create a Dashboard

Once your chart has been created, on the left hand menu, click on New Dashboard.

Once naviagted to the dashboard page, on the bottom right menu click on Insert New Widget.

When the left panel opens, navigate to the Existing Widget tab and then click on the + button.

Step 3: Share Your Dashboard Publicly

Click on the Publish Dashboard button on the buttom left and this will make your dashboard visible to every other user on your instance of Terrene.

Next Steps

Now that you know how to create widgets with Terrene, we suggest checking out the full widgets documentation to learn about different widgets Terrene offers.